Creating Yard Checks


To create yard checks for fleets, the service center must be granted feature access to create service events, which can be provided by contacting a REACH representative.

Once this feature is enabled, service center admins and technicians will see a small red circle on the right bottom corner of their screens. Select “service event,” and fields of information about the inspected unit will appear. Here, the user will fill in required information such as equipment type, reference number, and truck dispatch.

Some information, such as the inspector’s name and phone number, will already be filled in to match the user’s profile created by the admin.

It is crucial to select the truck dispatch’s name from the dropdown list; without this information, the yard check will not be visible to anyone outside the user’s team. If a terminal location applies, the user may go ahead and select it from the list. Before moving to the next screen, it is of good practice to review the accuracy of service event line items.

The user will then add the service being performed, marking details such as the system affected, where the damage to the unit occurred, and adding photos if desired.

Just like when events are received from truck dispatches, the user may add comments to elaborate on the service being performed or to communicate any other relevant notes.

The user will review a final snapshot of the event, and if everything looks good to go, will select the two check marks at the top of the screen. After the event is created, the dispatcher will be notified and have the ability to communicate via event comments throughout the repair.

The admin or technician will provide an estimated time of completion and progress through the event in the same way as if it had been assigned by a truck dispatch. Once the job is completed, the user will note as such by clicking on the event and selecting “complete.” The dispatcher will be notified, and communication can continue to take place even after the event has been completed in the public comments section.