Truck Dispatchers

How do I create an event?

Only a user/admin can create an event. To do so:

  1. Click "Create Event" on the far right side of default screen (also known as Service Event's list view)

  2. Provide the details in the appropriate fields:

    • Equipment Type

    • Associated Tractor

    • Shipper

    • Departed Terminal

    • Departed Date

    • Driver

    • Check loaded for a loaded truck

    • Address

  3. Click "Add Service" to select the service from the dropdown list.

    • You can also type the name of the service to narrow down the list of services.

    • Choose the appropriate defect and location

  4. Click "Save" to save the event.

How do I submit an event? 

  1. Select the event that you want to submit. Click on the event number from event list view.

  2. Scroll down and click on "Find Service Center" button.

  3. REACH would enlist all the viable options for this event.

  4. Click on "Assign" button (far right) against the appropriate Service Center.

What can I upload as a Truck Dispatch admin? 

As Truck Dispatch admin, you can upload:

  1. Events

  2. Users

  3. Tractor

  4. Terminals

  5. Ancillary Locations

  6. Trailers

Can I suppress service vendors I do not approve? A Truck Dispatcher can suppress/prevent a service center from showing up as an option in the Find Service Center list even if the service center is in proximity of the event.

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