Service Centers

How do I reject an event I or my technicians are not able to perform? 

  1. Login.

  2. The default screen shows list of events segregate in different status.

    • See Status of events in tabular form on the top of the list.

  3. Select the "Submitted" tab.

  4. Select the event that you wish to "Reject".

  5. Click on the event number (will appear as a hyperlink).

  6. Provide notes on why this event is being rejected.

  7. Click "Reject" next to the Accept button on the top of the screen.

Can I create custom fields to be included in service event forms? Custom fields, as the name suggests, are fields that you can create to show up in event show page. Up to three custom fields may be added to a Service Center portal. 

What is a "hot" event? 

The Hot Event section appears on top of the list of events. These are the events that need your attention. You can choose to have these events show up under Hot Event section:

  • New events

  • Auto-Assigned events

  • Mobile events

To designate an event as “hot,” click the appropriate party in the Request for Action line item when viewing or editing an event. These parties are listed as TD (truck dispatch), EP (equipment provider), and SC (service center).

What does it mean when an event is auto-assigned?  

Auto-Assign is a feature where REACH assigns the event automatically to a service provider while your office is closed for the day.

An Auto-Assign Event works when all the following conditions are met:

  1. The Event takes place during after hours of the Truck Dispatch.

  2. TD has an "Agreement" with Service Provider.

  3. SP has an "Agreement with Equipment Provider.

  4. SP needs to be "Preferred" for both Equipment Provider and Truck Dispatch. 

What are the different event types? 

REACH has the following types of events: 

  1. Service Event

  2. Equipment Inspection

  3. Maintenance Event

  4. Facility Inspection

  5. Cargo Inspection

  6. Driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR)

How are service events in REAH created on the web application?

Breakdown recovery can be requested in three simple steps:

1) Click

2) Fill

3) Submit

First, the driver will click the red button on the bottom of the screen. Second, the driver will fill in required information such as repair time, equipment type, and address. Lastly, the driver will submit the event by clicking "save" in the top right corner.

View the video tutorial here.

How are service events in REACH managed?

When an event is submitted, a service provider will accept or reject it. To re-assign events to new providers, click the event number. Then, click "Find Service Centers." From the list, the dispatcher may select the preferred provider.

When a service event is completed, drivers and REACH will rate the service provider based on response time and other service qualities.

View the tutorial video here.

How do DVIRs and equipment inspections appear on mobility?

To create a driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR), click the red button from the home screen and then select "DVIR." Drop your location, select the equipment type, and fill in the remaining required information. When you're done, press the arrow at the top of the screen.

Click through the DVIR categories to note the condition of each. Take photos and add comments for the most accurate description possible. When you're done, click the double check mark in the top right corner.

For equipment inspections, click the red button from the main menu and select the option from the popup window. Similar to DVIR, fill in the required information and select the inspection type. Note the equipment conditions and select the double check mark to submit.

View the tutorial video here.

What permissions are different users allowed?

The complete list of permissions are noted here.

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