Why aren’t I receiving mobile notifications?


there could be a few reasons.

  • REACH mobile notifications are only sent when calls are requested to your headquarter location. Although you are able to view service calls sent to all locations from the mobile app, you will only receive notifications for the headquarter location.
  • If you had recently logged in on another device such as another mobile phone, only the device you most recently logged in on will receive notifications. If this is the case, please log out and log back in again.
  • In the event of software updates, bugs may not automatically be fixed depending on your phone's settings. To troubleshoot, delete the app and download it again by visiting www.reach24.net on your mobile browser. Scroll to the bottom and you will see two links for "Android" and "iOS", where you may select the appropriate button.
  • If all of the above have been completed, please ensure that you have sufficient internet connection and that REACH notifications are allowed; this can be checked and adjusted in your phone's settings.

Still need help? Send a support ticket to help@reach24.net.