Customer Service, Safety Training, and Technology: How This Intermodal Player Leverages All Three


Railroad, highway, sea - there are few places this company hasn't touched.

A family-owned maintenance and repair corporation in the intermodal industry founded in 1971, Marine Repair Services - Container Maintenance Corporation (MRS-CMC) is grounded in tradition, excellent customer service, safety, and operating seamlessly within the highest industry standards.

With 46 years of service and over 30 locations strategically placed across eastern and central United States, MRS-CMC is the largest marine and railroad player in the nation. No stranger to the business, MRS-CMC has four company arms to aid its mission: CMC Logistics, Epic Concepts, Reliable Fleet Services (MRS Reliable), and Intermodal Compliance Services.


As over-the-road trucking repair services accelerate, MRS-CMC recently named Jerry Bromberg as the new General Manager of MRS-CMC Reliable. Bromberg, who will be returning to the MRS-CMC family, previously served as the Fleet Manager.

"Reliable Fleet Services was initiated to meet our customer’s needs and to introduce ourselves to other trucking companies," reported Allison Czerski, administrator at MRS-CMC headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina. "[This was decided] to continue to provide customer service to those who need it. We are always interested in growth opportunities even in areas in which we may not currently be represented."

In regard to Bromberg returning to MRS-CMC, "we are eager to have his work ethic and smile back to oversee our over-the-road operations," said Czerski.

With safety at the heart of its company mantra, MRS-CMC experienced new concerns with the implementation of roadside repairs. To combat this, all technicians receive immediate training on their first day and are continuously made aware of the latest safety updates.

"Frequently, manufacturers send representatives to our repair facilities to teach our mechanics how to properly work on their equipment," said Czerski. "Additionally, our mechanics are exposed to FMCSA trainers who ensure our compliance with industry standards." Continued education programs in safety and industry requirements for drivers, technicians, and other personnel include AAR, IICL, OSHA, and TMC.

“Every year, every month, every day, and every shift, we hammer home the importance of safe practices, proper training, and shared experiences...”

To maintain excellent safety practices, MRS-CMC team members hold themselves to the highest standard - and don't cut corners on details.

President Vince Marino emphasizes the importance of focusing on the nuts and bolts. As told by Czerski:

"Every year, every month, every day, and every shift, we hammer home the importance of safe practices, proper training, and shared experiences to maintain a safe and enjoyable workplace. It is our priority to ensure that all employees, from our mechanics to our admin to our supervisors, can safely perform daily tasks."

From mechanics using REACH to document their work to management personnel directly accepting service calls, MRS-CMC finds value in the time-saving technology provided by REACH as well as its ease of use.

MRS-CMC MidSouth Regional Manager, Steve Cook expressed the benefits and challenges of integrating technology into daily operations. "The industry as a whole has been slow to adopt [new technologies], but we want to remain at the forefront of where we're going and how we can leverage the transition to beneficial results."

Technicians have especially been finding value in the REACH mobile app. Cook notes, "[REACH] is user-friendly and provides insight to service event activity from start to finish. Remaining in the know at all times has been crucial for our team's efficiency, and we're appreciative of the community REACH cultivates."

On the web application, Czerski cites simplicity as a key component. "...[REACH] keeps all the necessary information in one place with less need for sifting. REACH gets the information in one place quickly and without the wait time of a phone call."

As for Charleston, "[management] appreciates the ease of use and is excited for it to be fully functional for all our MRS-CMC Reliable Fleet Services' needs. We are excited about the changes REACH is implementing to make it more user-friendly specifically for our services."

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