Service Center Not Appearing


When searching for a desired service center on the web or mobile applications, dispatchers sometimes find that the vendor does not appear in the provided list. There are several possibilites that should be addressed directly to the service provider:

  • The vendor's operating hours are not marked for the current time. This can be edited by the vendor on the web portal by navigating to the control panel, clicking the Hours tab, and adjusting as necessary.
  • The requested service is not marked to be offered by the vendor in its REACH portal. Vendors can adjust system and sub-system-level services offered by navigating to the Services tab in their control panel.
  • The vendor's service address is out of range. Vendors are able to edit their service radii by clicking to their control panel, selecting Edit at the bottom of the screen, and scrolling to the Service Radius line item.
  • The service center is marked to have its doors closed. This means that it will not appear as a selectable option even when the service is marked to be offered and the request falls within its normal operating hours. Service centers may find the option to open and close their doors by hovering over their username in the top-right corner of their dashboards.

If you have verified these items with your vendor and it is still not appearing as an option in your Find Service Centers list, contact our team at