Help your drivers move in the know.

REACH is a driver productivity platform that centralizes communication and provides inclusive visibility to trucking and equipment asset activity. Here’s how fleets are reducing driver downtime and operational inefficiencies through the latest advances in cloud computing and software design.



  • Communication with drivers and nearby suppliers for locations and services needed

  • Work orders with equipment and service event details

  • Event photos, accurate in-service times, and invoices

current state

  • Multiple systems to track multiple data elements

  • Phone calls and email threads among suppliers, technicians, and drivers with minimal photos and in-service times

  • Manual review and attachment of invoices to email threads or legacy systems

the reach solution

  • Bundle necessary functions and eliminate the excess

  • Push data systematically between REACH and mobile devices to include event updates, supplier information, in-service times, approvals, locations, and more.

  • Invoice directly to suppliers or integrate with legacy systems

value and benefits

  • Simplified and straightforward approach to the dispatch process through a centralized communication structure

  • Easily identifiable suppliers in your existing network with an ecosystem built on your terms

  • Full transparency and visibility to all parties, including direct communication with drivers and technicians