Spring Changes: A Simpler Technician Experience

In a heat wave, the snow, the mountains of Colorado - technicians need to perform repairs and inspections at a moment's notice and as efficiently as possible. In our ongoing pursuit to make our mobile application simpler, we're implementing the following enhancements:

  • Switching "Actions" and "Details" tabs so that "Actions" appears first. What's more, the action items will be reconfigured to only the work order process flow items - Accept, Arrive, Complete - in the technician's view. Service center administrators using the mobile app will still have the capability to assign events to technicians, who will receive a mobile push notification.
  • Removing the option to reject service events. To lesson confusion between dispatchers and technicians when events are prematurely rejected, the button to reject service events on the mobile app will be removed. Events can still be rejected by service centers on the web portal and technicians can communicate directly with dispatchers in the comments section on the mobile app.
  • Including tire information in inspection forms. When tire components are marked defective, the technician will be prompted to enter information such as the brand, tread depth, and DOT number.
  • Rewording “Serial #” to “DOT #” and “Location” as “Position." These terms are more relevant to the commercial trucking and intermodal industries and provide a more clear understanding of line items required to complete a service event or inspection.

Does your team of technicians have suggestions for simplifying the mobile app? Submit feedback to biz@reach24.net to discuss what would make their experience better.

If you have a REACH account and would like to use the mobile app, download for iOS here or download for Android here. If you do not have an account and are interested in learning more, contact us for how to get started.