September Enhancements: REACH Custom Has Arrived


What are they?

REACH Custom is here. It's finally arrived: REACH Custom is an enhanced version of our existing functionalities with the ability to integrate with other existing applications. The ability for applications to interact and exchange relevant information enables our partners to automatically create service and inspection events in the background with accessibility to both parties. For more information on how to get started with REACH Custom, email us here.

New Mobile App. Our new mobile application has a fresh look and faster navigation. With driver with unit signaling from the home screen, color-coded event statuses, and more, drivers and technicians alike are provided more information in the field on an interface that is simpler than ever.

Bucket List for trucking dispatchers. Created just for those defects that are present yet non-safety-related, Bucket List allows for a wishlist to be created with these service line items. Bucket List items can be created from service events and driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) and are visible to the service center once the items are assigned.

Web application facelift. Notice anything new? The service event page is now brighter and sharper with white accents and a greyscale map.

Post-trip inspection triggers DVIRs. At the completion of post-trip inspections, DVIRs are created and accessible in the trucking dispatcher's portal.

Why are they important? A long-awaited functionality, REACH Custom is the bridge between the value we provide and the vitality of our partners' daily operations and how they're managed. From our refreshed mobile application to the look and feel of service event screens, these enhancements provide a cleaner, more focused lens for mangers, agents, technicians, and drivers who are accustomed to both the web and mobile applications.

Who gets them? REACH Custom is a functionality for trucking dispatchers that may be requested by reaching out to a REACH team member. All user types will receive the interface updates on the web and mobile applications. An uninstall/reinstall is not required for the mobile application update.