October Enhancements: What's New in the Web Portal

What are they?

  • Unread comments noted as such on web and mobility. When comments have been submitted by another party in an unopened tab, the title of the tab will appear bold until the new messages have been read.
  • Color-coded notifications for idle communication in service events. Admins are now able to set notifications on their web portal dashboards for comments that have yet to be addressed by themselves and their teams. Two times can be set in the control panel: one for a yellow notification after a designated period of time and one for a red notification after a second peroid of time passed without opening the submitted comments. Admin users may also delay these notifications within individual events by entering the desired amount of time in the "Delay Reaction by" field when creating and editing an event.
  • Email notification filters. Also found in the control panel are checkboxes to opt out of emails for three types of notifications: comments, services, and status.
  • A fresh interface for web portals.A stripped color scheme and more columns for service line items creates a cleaner feel and less scrolling to enter repairs quickly and with enhanced readability.

Why are they important?


Emboldened and color-coded notifications help to notify users of comments to be addressed. These features are useful for teams that enter high volumes of service events, have users that choose not to opt in for email notifications, and with rotating shifts between multiple users. What's more, both can be viewed right from the dashboard for quick reference on catching up on vendor communications within specific events.

Delivered by popular demand, email notification filers allow users to choose which emails they would like to receive for service event-level activity. This feature helps to avoid unwanted inbox clutter and to focus on what is most important at the discretion of individual users.

Who gets them?


Only Admin user will have the ability to set idle communication timers to which the notifications will be triggered. All user types will receive all other updates.

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