Daily Subscription Reports for Service Centers


Transactional reports will be sent on a daily basis to all service centers in REACH.These reports will include all service events that were worked on within the most recent 24 hours. If no events were created or received, a report will still send stating as such.

To unsubscribe, visit your portal settings, select Edit, and de-select the Daily Reports checkbox.

Call centers will have the ability to suppress service centers within their ecosystems. In addition to adding agreements, call centers will have the ability to further tailor their Find Service Centers results by suppression.

Fleet instructions will be added to the Fleet Profile when the service center completes the event. This ensures that specific instructions are not missed.

Add all or remove all agreements at once. Search a service center network and add or remove all preferences within the Agreements tab.

Expand use of the Associated Equipment field.Having previously facilitated equipment types with only four characters, Associated Equipment will accommodate more extensive uses for the field.