Additional Fields, New Invoicing, and a Bug Fix

Agreement descriptions. Viewable by Admins in the Agreements tab, a new column will be created to reflect the type of agreement made with the associated company listed within that line. For example, an agreement between a service provider and a truck dispatcher will appear as "SP - TD."

Additional mandatory fields. These include the following:

  • Purchase order number (PO#)
  • Emergency checkbox as an additional indicator for urgent action
  • Unit Available to indicate the time the unit will be ready. By default, this will be set to the date and time when the event is created.
  • Needed By, which will be blank by default
  • Breakdown Location text box for the dispatcher or technician to provide more information about the location of the equipment. This will be located below the address field.

Auto-generate an invoice draft when an event is marked as Approved. This draft will be sent as an email from the truck dispatcher to the service provider with a link to draft and send the invoice. Truck dispatchers will also be able to customize email templates to be sent to service providers.

No longer forcing a child location to be selected when a call center is editing a service event. When editing an in-process event, "Service Center" is marked as a required line item. The drop-down list only shows child locations (even after the event has been assigned to a non-child location) and if the user attempts to click "Save" without selecting a child location, they are unable to progress. This is a bug that has been fixed.