Web Application Updates: Service Event Creation, Equipment Inspection Reports

REACH commercial vehicle inspection app

What is it? When creating service events, the empty/blank options on the equipment provider, truck dispatch, and shipper list are now filtered on the event form. The attachment gallery has also been improved in that files may be previewed and uploaded faster.

The equipment inspection list now shows the details about the overall equipment status for the inspection, equipment type, the user who created the inspection, and company information. User interface and functionality updates include the following to match the new design language of REACH:

  • New category list options. Users may now add "Created By (Company)" to the equipment inspection list and further customize their views to what is most relevant by rearranging headers in the Equipment Inspection (EI) list view.

  • Manage equipment condition. View the most recent Department of Transportation (DOT) inspection dates, add "Equipment Type" to the EI list view, and oversee all repairs on individual pieces of equipment. The overall status of equipment appears on the EI list view for at-a-glance references.

  • Create service events within equipment inspections. Catch a defect that needs immediate attention? Initiate a service call from the EI list view without clicking back to your dashboard.

Why is it important? The implemented interface changes reduce the amount of keystrokes on behalf of the user creating the service call from the web application, in turn further increasing the breakdown speed to resolution and communication between parties.

Customized, communicative equipment inspection reports allow users to identify and adjust what is most important to them upon viewing listed information. The ability to create service events right from the list view provides the option to quickly address defects without additional portal navigation.

Who gets it? Trucking dispatchers will be able to view and interact with the service event creation updates, as well as service centers and equipment providers who have been granted this capability. Equipment providers and trucking dispatchers will receive the equipment inspection updates.