Service Centers: Report Yard Checks on Mobile

REACH commercial vehicle inspection app

That's right: mechanics now have the ability to create service events on the REACH mobile app. What's more, we've added features that allow trucking and intermodal companies to add and search all drivers in their portals with ease. Keep an eye out for these updates and more described in our March dispatch below.

Mobility – Service center creates an event. Find an issue while conducting a yard check? With much anticipation, technicians can now report services immediately by creating events on the REACH mobile app. Once created, the trucking dispatch will be notified immediately in no different fashion than breakdown occurrences. To see how service events are managed in REACH, click here.

Mobility - Assign technician. What's more, service center Admin users now have the capability to assign individual technicians to calls.

Mobility – Edit ETA. Service center admins and technicians may now edit the call's estimated time of arrival (ETA) from their mobile phones.

REACH commercial vehicle inspection app

Driver base. Have large volumes of drivers to add to REACH? A driver can be searched based on driver name, phone, tractor and base. The driver options will be loaded on-demand 10 at a time. Users are also able to select the tractor number and driver base as options from "Show/Hide" selection menu on the dashboard.

Mark if the driver is with unit. Note if the driver is with the unit to signify a call's urgency. This element is visible in both the event description and an option to be displayed on the user dashboard.

Reporting updates. Don't miss a thing: transactional reports now show driver base and if a driver was with a unit at the time of breakdown.

Service radius visibility. Even if the breakdown is beyond the service radius of the service center, the center will appear as an option up to 100 additional miles with the normal distance radius indicated.

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