Minimal Touch, Maximal Visibility: "Observer" User Type Introduced to REACH

REACH commercial vehicle inspection app

What is it? The "Observer" user type is made for customer service teams who serve as intermediaries between fleets and shippers and who are primarily concerned with equipment status in the event of a breakdown. Unlike the "Accountant" user type, these users will be restricted to communicating through the "Send Email" feature within the REACH event and will not be able to send messages via Public Comments and Confidential Notes.

Why is it important? Our customers have often voiced the need for their customer teams to view activity in REACH. Presently, these customer teams do not work and communicate within REACH, but remains outside the service call process as follows:

  • Trucking dispatch is managing a piece of equipment that has a tire problem and another company's container on top.

  • The shipper emails or calls the trucking dispatch's customer team to ask of when freight will be moving again.

  • After advising the shipper that investigation is underway, the customer service team emails or calls the dispatch team to check the freight's status. As a result, the shipper relies on the customer service team and otherwise remains unaware of the status of the equipment repair or container.

The Observer user type solves this issue: Keeping the shipper in the know of all container status from start to finish, no intermediaries necessary.

Who gets it? All portals - trucking dispatch, shipper, service center, and equipment provider - will receive this update. To designate a user as an Observer, simply create a user in the REACH control panel and check the appropriate box in the lower panel.