Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports: Enhancements on Mobility

REACH commercial vehicle inspection app

This spring, our development team has been hard at work crafting the consummate driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) process on mobile devices. With drivers and inspectors in mind, the following enhancements are part of our ever-growing endeavor to keep trucking and intermodal companies in the know while improving their Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) scores. Here's what to expect in the near future.

Copying information on paper, no more: this month's enhancements allow drivers and inspectors to further save time by auto-generating reports upon completion of post-trip inspection. Want to create another inspection? Common fields are pre-filled with the user's name and phone number to avoid entering redundant information. To review how to create DVIRs on the REACH mobile app, click here.

After performing a pre- or post-trip inspection, drivers have the ability to submit similar forms be selecting "clone." What's more, drivers can now certify on mobile that the defects reported in previous DVIR are fixed - no phone calls, emails, or printed forms necessary.

Just like event service calls can be viewed as sequence logs (such as when the event was submitted, in process, and completed by the service provider), DVIRs can also be viewed in this format. This provides increased visibility as to what and when actions were taken, as well as the driver or inspector who created it.

Finally, equipment providers now have the ability to define the number of times a given service can be added to an service event. For example, if an equipment provider were to select to be notified when a bias tire repair is performed more than twice in a single service event, an authorization request would be triggered.

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