August Enhancements: DOT Equipment Updates, Information Links

REACH commercial vehicle inspection app

What are they?

  • DOT updates. Dates of the last Department of Transportation (DOT) inspection on a piece of equipment now appear during event creation and progression.

  • Equipment number links. Users may now see equipment number links on their web application dashboards to view both equipment details and service history. Users may click on the equipment number to modify details, upload scanned documents, and view and add photos related to the equipment.

Why are they important? Visibility of the most recent DOT updates and equipment number details and history allows users to be in the know of appropriate information without time spent investigating elsewhere.

Who gets them? All user types will be able to view the equipment number links and DOT updates enhancements. Truck dispatchers will be able to create bucket list events and all parties involved in service events are able to view these requested services.