Year in the Rearview Mirror: Highlights from the REACH Development Team

REACH commercial vehicle inspection app

This year, the REACH team has developed several ways in which our technologies have improved user experiences across our tenant types. From DVIR for mobile phones and easier agreement creation, to reassigning events to technicians and service center filtering, our team has been busy!

As we gear up for 2018, let us review some of our top mobile app improvements from this past year:

Create DVIR and Equipment Inspections on Mobile Phone App

REACH users are now able to create driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) and equipment inspections from their mobile phones. Users accessing REACH from the web portal have full visibility to the transactional analytics reports.

More Powerful Service Center Filtering

Event creators can now filter their dashboards on the basis of 10 or more service centers. Additionally, equipment providers can mark service centers as "unapproved," and event creators are able to see default service centers set by admin users in “Matching Service Center for Assignments" list.

To learn more about managing service events, click here

Easier Agreement Creation

Look for a specific service center in the search bar and click "Yes/No" against it. That's it!

Assign/Re-assign Events to a Technician

Service centers have the ability to assign and re-assign service events to individual technicians - and keep track of progress every step of the way.

Introducing New Equipment Type: Container

When creating a service event, the user is now able to select this option under the "Equipment Type" list. For a guided tour on how to create service events from start to finish, click here.