Our Most Transparent App Yet

REACH commercial vehicle inspection app

Sharp-eyed REACHers have already started to notice more robust and elaborate transactional reports.

These new details include service provider (SP) identity, SP proximity, DVIR category and SP completed time, service component, and sub-service components.

We're lucky to have assisted over 80,000 service events across the United States to minimize fleet downtime as greatly as possible.

With so many drivers, dispatchers, service centers, and equipment providers using our software as a service, it's more important than ever to make sure it works great for everyone.

You asked, we listened. Here's what's new: 

  • DVIR categories are now more concise and user-friendly, seamlessly creating reports across both mobile and web portals via API.
  • Truck dispatchers (TD) get notified if equipment providers have listed them as Non-Compliant during event creation. Equipment providers can do this by enteringSCAC codes or Department of Transportation numbers. This update enhances transparency between all parties.
  • List view of events includes "Created By" and "Updated At" fields, creating even more insights to service event reports.
  • Service event dashboard customizability allows users to curate which fields matter most to real-time insights at a glance.

These updates are rolled out and ready for you and your team. Make sure to update your app so you have the latest and greatest - or, if you're just getting started, click here to download REACH for iOS and here for Android. 

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