Major Changes in Find Service Center Results, Custom Fields, and More

  • Sort Find Service Center results. When dispatchers click to find vendors within the desired radius, results can now be sorted by agreement type and by those of which are able to be assigned events ("Under Radius").
  • View existing out-of-network vendors. When dispatchers enter information for an out-of-network vendor, a list of existing options will appear and populate the information fields to prevent duplicate vendor creation.
  • Initiate and send invoices to other companies on REACH. Add attachments, create custom email templates, and generate a public URL to send to companies not on REACH.
  • Make custom fields viewable by other companies on REACH. Previously, custom fields were limited to be viewed only by the portal by which they were created; now, Admins have the ability to switch customer fields to be public. The tab to do so is found in the portal control panel.
  • Add a fleet or equipment provider company on the fly. Vendors and call centers often receive requests for service from fleets that are not using REACH. This feature provides a way to quickly add a fleet with minimal information including the fleet's DOT number and SCAC code; if these details already exist in the system, matching options will appear from a dropdown list to avoid duplicate fleet entries.

Additional Fields, New Invoicing, and a Bug Fix

Agreement descriptions. Viewable by Admins in the Agreements tab, a new column will be created to reflect the type of agreement made with the associated company listed within that line. For example, an agreement between a service provider and a truck dispatcher will appear as "SP - TD."

Additional mandatory fields. These include the following:

  • Purchase order number (PO#)
  • Emergency checkbox as an additional indicator for urgent action
  • Unit Available to indicate the time the unit will be ready. By default, this will be set to the date and time when the event is created.
  • Needed By, which will be blank by default
  • Breakdown Location text box for the dispatcher or technician to provide more information about the location of the equipment. This will be located below the address field.

Auto-generate an invoice draft when an event is marked as Approved. This draft will be sent as an email from the truck dispatcher to the service provider with a link to draft and send the invoice. Truck dispatchers will also be able to customize email templates to be sent to service providers.

No longer forcing a child location to be selected when a call center is editing a service event. When editing an in-process event, "Service Center" is marked as a required line item. The drop-down list only shows child locations (even after the event has been assigned to a non-child location) and if the user attempts to click "Save" without selecting a child location, they are unable to progress. This is a bug that has been fixed.