Driver Creates Events


When drivers create service events, they will first click the service button from the home screen. From here, they’ll be prompted to select the equipment type and enter in other information such as the equipment number.

The equipment provider field will automatically populate based on the equipment number; in this example, we see an unknown equipment provider because of a demo trailer number.

The driver will then mark other information, including if the unit is full and if they are physically with the unit.

To note repair items, the driver will click “Add New Service”. From here, they will select the system that needs repaired and other details if known, including the defect and location. They may also add photos from their phones or take them directly from the app.

Once “Done” has been selected, the driver may review all information entered and add a comment if desired. When the driver clicks “Submit,” the event becomes open and is visible to dispatchers who may be overseeing activity.

From this point, the driver may either pass responsibilities to the dispatcher to locate the appropriate vendor or assign the service to a vendor already approved by management. First, let’s see how drivers can communicate with dispatchers and technicians without phone calls.

If we navigate back to the service event, we’ll see two speech bubbles in the top right-hand corner. Here, the driver will be able to add comments and ask questions visible to all parties involved in the event. In addition, the driver can add notes visible only to their dispatchers and management in the confidential notes section.

If the driver wishes to assign the event to a vendor, they will click the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen and select “service events”. They will then select the appropriate event from the list of current repairs and click the “Actions” icon.

When the driver clicks “Assign to SC,” or “service center,” they will be presented with a list of service centers that have been approved by management personnel. In this case, Casper Repairs is the service center we will select; once this is done, the event is submitted to Casper Repairs technicians and the event changes to “Submitted” status.

To download the mobile application, please visit our website on your mobile browser. Scroll to the bottom and you will see two links for "Android" and "iOS", where you may select the appropriate button.