Driver Onboarding


The following is intended to be viewed by commercial trucking and intermodal drivers when being introduced to the REACH platform. Instructions are written to directly address the driver and presume a portal has already been created for the dispatch team and that the dispatch team has been trained on the platform.

If you have yet to create you portal or schedule a training session, contact our business team. To download a print version of this guide, click here.

  1. Download the REACH mobile app by visiting on your mobile browser. After installing, make sure notifications are turned on by reviewing your phone's settings.
Ready to download the app? Click    here for iOS    and    here for Android   .

Ready to download the app? Click here for iOS and here for Android.

2. Login with the username and password given by your REACH administrator.


3. In the event of a service repair, dispatchers will enter the information received in a REACH form. To view these service calls, swipe to the right and click "Service Events." At any point, you can send messages directly to dispatchers and technicians by clicking the speech bubble in the top-right corner of the event.


4. As a vendor is connected to your call, you will receive notifications and be able to view service event details. Status updates include:

  • Open - The event has been created by the dispatcher.

  • Submitted - The dispatcher has sent the event to a nearby vendor.

  • In Process - The vendor has accepted the event.

  • Rejected - The vendor has declined the event and the dispatcher must contact the next-closest vendor.

  • Complete - The vendor has completed the event.