Trucking Capacity: Intermodal EXPO Recap

In light of strong economic growth, turbulent weather, and the electronic logging device (ELD) implementation, the pressure is on for driver recruitment and productivity. How long can we expect these conditions to last and what can we anticipate in the future?


FMCSA Looking To Adjust HOS Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association is currently considering some major changes to its hour of service regulations. The overall theme? Flexibility.


Driver Shortage: How Trucking Companies Are Curbing the Quandry

The issue of a driver shortage in the trucking industry is not one that is unheard of; a 1998 Monthly Labor Review report indicated that deregulation led 586,000 new trucking employees to enter the industry between 1980 and 1994. Here a few ways that trucking companies are battling capacity constraints.