Since 2015, we’ve worked to resolve communication gaps in the logistics industry.

After having worked for trucking and intermodal companies for a few decades, the following issues became pervasive to productivity:

  • speed to resolution for equipment breakdown;

  • visibility into equipment readiness and condition;

  • rules based on equipment providers; and

  • optimal solutions for a given service event.

Since then, we’ve added 2700+ companies to our platform with over 300,000 service events completed for truck dispatchers and intermodal providers to become a communication tool at the core. Transportation is not just moving goods from A to B; it is conveying information efficiently and effectively amongst all parties.

Indeed, the real power of REACH is to communicate equipment condition before the trip begins and to handle service-related issues between origin and destination. We’re setting out to allow dispatchers, technicians, drivers, shippers, and equipment owners alike to watch this activity to improve overall ecosystem communications.

Our story continues....

- Paul Burgoyne, Founder and CEO